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Our mission

Develop and provide complete solutions and high quality information in the field of industrial process engineering and fluid mixing, applying the most modern techniques and international standards to improve Brazilian technicians and companies. Providing an economic return to our shareholders, partners, employees and the communities where we do business.

Global Experience

Cerebro-Engenharia was founded in April 1999 as a limited company, passing in August 2000 to a corporation, with the purpose of providing engineering information and technologies in the area of ​​fluid process equipment. To this end, its founder, PhD. Eng. Edimilson Souza, Managing Director of the company, spent twelve years carrying out experiments and practical applications in cutting-edge industries, dedicating another three years exclusively to the improvement of calculation techniques and technologies. In this period, in addition to the Post-Graduate, Master, Doctorate and MBA courses, he conducted research when he worked in parallel in academic activity, as a university professor, with his business activity, always accompanied by highly specialized professionals in the sector.

The results of this intense work are state-of-the-art programs, compatible with the standards recognized worldwide and used by the sector. They are integrated systems based on simple design information, producing extensive reports with the respective results of calculations and schematic drawings of the equipment in question.

The professionals who developed the Cerebro-Engenharia programs are responsible for hundreds of engineering works throughout Brazil and Latin America for industries in the sectors of beverages, juices, food, pharmaceuticals, refrigerators, cosmetics, chemicals, petrochemicals, dairy products, paper and cellulose, hygiene and cleaning, among others. Internationally renowned companies such as: Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Brahma, Antarctica, Schincariol, Cutrale, Citrosuco, Cambuhy Citros, Cargil Citrus, Bayer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cilag Farmacêutica, Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer, Sandoz, Ciba Geigy, Gessy Lever, Fleischmann, Dow Química etc., benefited and used equipment designed and installed by these professionals in their processes.

This background made possible the creation of highly efficient systems that generate accurate and fast calculations, causing skilled labor reduction and optimization of resources, providing to our partners engineers more dedication to worthier tasks for the improvement of their activities.

State Of The Art Technology

The market of agitated tanks in Brazil has been entirely changed in the last forty years in several sectors in the industry of process of fluids for turbulent and laminar regime. In great deal, it has happened due to the techniques and studies accomplished by PhD. Engineer Edimilson Souza.

The energy consumption was drastically optimized, allied to a high mixture efficiency, besides the incorporation of economical constructive aspects, considerably diminishing the process time, increasing the quality of the goods.

Brazil, one of the largest global economies, has an industrial park as modern as that of the first world countries in several industrial sectors. Among them, the process and fluid handling sector stands out, in which Brazil is one of the main development centers.

Brazil's food industry is a world reference, especially the concentrated orange juice industry, with Brazil considered the third largest producer in the world, accompanied in recent years by the strong development of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Seeking to meet market needs, these theories flowed into applications, leading the national market, with prominence worldwide, through the supply of equipment and complete process plants.

The research by PhD. Eng. Edimilson Souza in the orange juice industry allowed to reduce the installed power of agitators by approximately 70%, with the replacement of anchor agitators with powers of 21.0 kW by high efficiency paddle agitators with 7.0 kW. In addition to the huge energy savings, a significant reduction in process times of around 80% was achieved. Similar research has been carried out in sugar syrup mixing tanks for the beverage industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, etc.

From 1997 PhD. Eng. Edimilson Souza, started to dedicate himself exclusively to polishing and elaborating his calculation techniques, with the intention of making his calculation techniques and technologies available to the world market, abandoning the manufacture of equipment, after having won the leadership in its sector.

Cérebro-Engenharia Headquarters

Cerebro-Engenharia is located in Brazil, state of São Paulo, in the city of Campinas. This region is considered the technological pole of the Country, with international awareness in the technological area.

The large number of top technology companies settled in the region is due to the availability of qualified professionals, strategic geographic location, numberless research centers, besides top universities, complemented by strong logistic operators. All this provides a favorable environment to our activities. These regional characteristics made possible not only the settlement of our company as it is characterized by the settlement of internationally renowned companies in the technological area, , medical laboratories, renewable energy and biotechnology. Only in the companies that make up the Techno Park work more than five thousand people and almost 1.3 thousand researchers.

Important research centers such as: ITAL (Food Technological Institute), CPQD (Researches and Development Center), IAC (Agricultural Institute of Campinas), CTI (Information Technology Center), allied to well-known universities present in our region - UNICAMP (State University of Campinas), perform worldwide-acknowledged researches.

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